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Help getting rid of conspicuously large and flaccid buttocks June 27, 2009

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Hi. I am a young man, and this is my first message on this forum. Basically, my problem is not that I am again in possession of overweight, but that, despite my very average, my ass sticks like a sore thumb. I am not exactly what is considered “overweight”, but for some reason, my ass is about two inches behind the back and I am completely humiliated when I have my T-shirt Tuck ‘s school because I am usually in the tent My T-shirt to hide the tail. The strange thing is that some people I know Dona overweight? T seem to have this problem. Am I too self-conscious or it could be a legitimate concern, the sweetness of diet and lack of exercise every day? If the latter is the case, become more stringent, what I eat and walk or bike for an hour every day, my ass more discreet and more it sounds? The advice is greatly appreciated.
Hey Mike –

It is unfortunate life, the weight accumulates very different people differently. I know your dilemma, because for me it has always been the same. When I think of weight, it goes first to the end, then the thigh. My upper body has the advantage of the beautiful thinning, but in fact the weight of the lower half is extremely difficult. In addition, my calves are very muscular, while the upper part rather my lack of muscles.

I have a little overweight in school, and (the recently completed college), you have the weight, and a couple again and again once. I am currently on a good weight, but I like crazy on my end slim again. The good thing is that it can and will come – you are exercising thin. I met every day for about an hour (it will take time until they are, so if you want to try, go slow). The combination of exercise, if your diet is from fat. However, please note that if you, like me, you tend to look very thin, while still at the lower weight. If so, it might be a good idea to go to the gym a few times a week to work to strengthen the muscle. I think the strength training is the fastest way to lose fat, and – you just need time for them.

Another thing to note – no amount of “rationalization” is the weight to get your ass faster. Losing fat is the only way to reduce and ultimately result in a tone that you have to recognize. Focus on the general perception, and it will come – in May, but very well be the last thing to do!

Good luck with it!

Thanks for the advice. I’m trying to discipline myself to a healthier diet, and I also have martial arts class recently. In addition, I plan to daily operations. If I am able to prevent the return of old methods, I would like the results very quickly. Cheers.

I feel for you. I am overweight, but rather to keep pretty good percentage. I am a 32-year-old women. I just want to make sure that this is not something to do with where you are in puberty and the unpleasant sensation. No job is too bad for you, so don’y worry. Someone said they think it is an individual or comments? Sometimes others do not know what they say, and especially young people. They say things and find a couple of years later is not a problem. I ask you to trust your destination on the back or even a doctor and determine if it is in fact no relation. You know, even if so, please visit soon. Good luck to you sweetie.