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Struggling with weight loss… June 27, 2009

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OK …. I made the leap and decided to join this loss weight forum. Do I have what better way to motivate and inspire others and myself in this difficult …

I really worked hard over the past three weeks … in the gym five days a week to eat … and even fraud on the weekend …. Needless to say, last week I lost a book, so I was delighted! Curiously, today, I weighed one week later (I usually weighs on Friday) and I got a book! I am so sad and depressed and can not quite understand what I’m doing wrong!

Anyway, I was hoping that some of you out there can help, and may be giving me suggestions or advice if this is normal or not … . I’m on 129 and would like to 120 by the end of August … is that plausible? I also asked whether any fraud on the weekend is to cancel all the hard work, I spent the week …. Grrr ….. HELP!
Hi, this is my first message on this forum

which worry and hold it! In a little against fraud in the weekend is not possible to cancel an entire work week (unless you eat junky food, but nothing on the weekend!) A little cheating is Do not worry too much fluctuation in weight …. only continue to work hard and you will!

Krystal, Thank you for your words of encouragement! I was even more frustrated because I started this post this morning and checked earlier and got no answer! I have here for their support …. maybe I did not wait long enough :) I’m just at a time on the ground and do not want to lose my motivation. I think I’ll try even more heart … I have an hour and a half on five days of the week …. I think I should add, Saturday in the mix of things, if I really want to see results ….

How is it possible that if I eat well and work for three weeks, and I got a book?? ? Like what the hell !?!??!

Is it possible for me to lose 10 pounds by the end of August?


Dont get down!

Hows your water? It really helps if you want to lose weight! Would you like? I just started (probably 2 weeks) on my weight loss . I was in the gym 5 days a week and do 40 minutes of right heart (I was 211 when I started, and I’ve never had any kind of activities) and the 195 now. Ive been Cylaris … it seems to work pretty well. Maybe you could go on a supplement?

quite possible to lose 10 pounds in August! Just work hard … Drink water, your heart and baking spray up! Do you fight on fraud, or winning a book, just remember that tomorrow is another day and another chance to get this right!

I coach, said: “Do not check how far you go, see how far youve come!”

Krystal … I must say that you are a great motivation! You have written much better for me …. I have quite slummy feeling all night … surprised, I did not eat all the unwanted … but I think the soy chips 100 calories …

Congratulations on your success! You must be ecstatic! It is absolutely beautiful … keep all the good work you do … They sound very enthusiastic and motivated … I must say that this summer, I have a lot more motivated than usual, because I am a teacher … once around the school, I’m lazy at the end of the day and have a lot more difficult, which is at the gym … but I must keep it simple, as you said.

As for adding, I’m not really a fan of putting pills in my body for weight loss … I never liked the idea that … I do not know how the pills in general …. but thank you for the suggestion! Hopefully the food is good, and you will …

Do you have other suggestions, I may be missing? I still can not believe I won a book! How is this possible !!!!?!?!?

a book is not a problem (I know, it seems to be a big problem ) could you have eaten before weighing, weight or water ….. dont get down!

easy to keep this you do, the weight comes, you just need a little patience and keep your plans. Drink plenty of water? It is very important.

/> <br Stay motivated! What is for me the thought of the other things that want to be good for (for me it's a trip to Mexico, and my marriage) If you want to eat the wrong things just remember "this tasting good feelings is not bad later"

And yet, do the book they acquired …. weight loss is a struggle and a journey and sometimes Theres bumps on the road, but you just roll with them and coninue!

Hey Krystal, Thanks again for all your great words of encouragement, I have decided in my heart this weekend, training and on Saturday I went to three miles run in 85 degree temps …. to …. least I have a migraine during the last five hours. … …. shit like At least, I ran!

We hope
as other books by weight of the water …. I have my time …. who knows if I had not eaten, which is tomorrow, I do not think he could have the be that …. I will weigh in this Friday, so I will keep you posted …. I Swar, if I won, I’m right in the pizzeria and stuffing my face! :)

so that you have and depending on your stats, what are some of the secrets, how long did it take before you begin to see everything come?

I even tried on my skinny jeans last night and they are still very dense, as always ….. I do not understand how it is possible ! well keep me posted, you are the only one who replied to this message

hope you have a good weekend …. You have a great motivation …. I hope we can continue to discuss and motivate each other! Talk to you soon!

Hmm secrets? I do not know if I still lol .. I try to join the gym every day and at least 40 minutes from the heart …. and eat, try the right to cheat a bit …. cheat a little is good, because it reduces the likelihood that I binge eat (I am famous for) I try not to eat after the meal (which is difficult in a night to anyone, and nightitme, if I have to do my food) If I were the major munchies … Perhaps one of the cups Jello Pudding Jello or a cup. Ive also heard that the reduction of small things leads. Mustard instead of Mayo, water instead of juice, I had my dose of milk to one glass per day (usually I can 4 liters of drinks myself, as 2 days …. I loooove milk), small things can really add!

I was quite low …. around 120 lbs, I think (but I was not eating at all …. not something good and I repeat / recommend), I went up about 180 from there (I was in a bad relationship and the feeling of shit on me), the relationship has ended and I lost weight … approximately 140 … I think, and then slow to stack in the past year and a half. Now I think I’ve never really thought about my weight, or, as I did, until very recently begun to … his mistakes and this is my …. motovation should not be forgotten …. so bad when I’m in the relationship and you have a bad job, where I could go to the mall and blow $ 1000 dollars on clothes in a week, so needless to say I have a lot of nice clothes Skinny, the meeting in stock yet … I can also find them because it makes me sad. All I do is it!

What are your motovations?

Hey, just a question. How are people to lose weight, if any

sitting at the computer all day waiting for an answer to your thread?

cellulite instead of disgusting, why do not you kiss. Hey, it’s an idea. But what you do, make sure you do not happen again! We do not want more bad genes in the gene pool!

life as a healthy person is great. Maybe you all obese people should stop eating so much? It is not that hard, but I heard all the excuses you obese humans. Stop eating and exercise. Even the absurd notion that obesity is a disability Sicken me. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are ugly to see. If you are so thick you can not bold.

Wow … it is not sucking fat …. Well, I guess you’re upset because you want to genetics. Shame on you! We do not want your weakness of genes in the pool! Stay out!

They should not be allowed to reproduce. They are on our development for the worse! Like all of you, we all end up fat !!!!!!! Only positive thinking. I just want the best for my species. So yeah, thank you for all those interested in heart you selfish bins lard.


I am new here.. June 27, 2009

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I’m Heather.

I in this exclusive forum for my achievements on

weight loss using organic options. I am convinced that the other members

able to rip the benefits.



Howdy do!

wanted me seen www.weight loss forums. com

Here’s a challenge. June 27, 2009

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If we all reach our goals …

… we list! = D

Good luck to all.
.. LOL I think it hurts to live I am in a small town

Any HCG Dieters? June 27, 2009

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Any HCG Dieters in this forum?

40 Lbs by NOVEMBER … June 27, 2009

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Hi everyone, I’m new here. I made this site for 2 weeks this weekend. :D

I have 2 children, boy, aged 3 years and 2 months. I struggled with my weight since the birth of my first child. I went from 107 kg to 190 2 weeks before I delivered. In a pre-pregnancy size, 2-4,

I was in size 16 blocked for 3 years. Finally, in April, I had enough and began working on crazy, and unfortunately, I just eat more and eat sunflower seeds and water. :oops: terrible, I knowledge, but it worked and I could not stop because I have numbers, and my pants were literally at each stage. I was desesperate! In July I was 135 lbs. In September, because I found my BF 130, what I did and fear, literally force myself to eat. So I started to eat again, taking me.

In October, I learned I was pregnant again. :shock: This time This, I saw what I ate, and I still won a lot. :evil: I was 175 lbs. I left the hospital, 166 lbs. Since then, I have tried to lose weight, I am not supplements, as breastfeeding. But I am very aware of what I eat. Yesterday I saw my bf pizza because it was my birthday and I refused to go.

desesperate I am, but I am happy not only because I am breastfeeding, but because I have the energy to cope with my children and I do not want to kill me in the process. I’m depressed and I’m driving all around me nuts, what I talk about weight loss , and I weigh myself 10 times a day. I’m obssesed and completely freaking out. I am here, stuck at 149 kg, and I do not know what to do, I go for jogs and walks daily, and I force. I have videos, Billy Blanks 8 minutes of video, I did not 4 times.

My Goal / Challenge is to lose 40 kg (39) in November, I think there is enough time for them. But I am doing a complete overhaul of the body, Gotta Go my weight and I am going to enjoy



Well, I’m updating my progress …

I did it like crazy, and I have not increased at the level yet. Plan Sunday … I hope to have this plateu. This is the second that I did. First, I was stuck at 151.6 if you’re on 149.8, I’m still here! Since July 20, ugh!

I walk about 3 miles per day, and try to provide 5 tomorrow, we’ll see if my children together. I am still pushing the stroller and the other on his career. This May have contributed. I will start logging my intake tomorrow and see what I’m doing wrong. I am for the loss of 10 kg 1 September, and I will succeed and maybe even beyond.

Good news, I tried on a pair of jeans before pregnancy, and they are neither too loose, as before, but not too close to be. I did not suck, to close. They are a size 7 / 8 woo hoo! :D I was so happy that I left home when the races … and I can draw my 14s without unbottoning … <img src = "http://www.weight-loss-forums.com/images/smilies/icon_surprised.gif&quot; alt = ": o" title = "Surprised"

Anywho … I try to download an image, I think it is better later. Good night and good luck!



30 weeks pregnat why I still .. .


28th May 2007 166 lbs …


direction, but much work!

Well, to me a little better, by small steps, I joinder a challenge, ending on 1 September from 149 lbs (although when I finally weighed myself, I realized that I was back to 151.2) to 139 lbs. Well … As of this morning, I weighed in at 147.2 yay! I have had my ass, but it pays off. I’m so excited :D

I know I can do this in November does not seem so far away, I just take, and I know I get it. Better still, the LBS does not just sit here.



I want to lose least 40 pounds of Thanksgiving …

I’m home to visit family …. It is a year to see how they are. I really want to be thinner, then …. But I have to stay motivated.

I was touched by your post, with 17 was, I stravation the way to the Battle of the Bulge .. he has worked so well that I went in the wrong type2 diabetes Weightloss a program plan, mineral water, rice cakes and Diet Pepsi, plus 3 hours rigorous daily exercise. Yes, I went up to 110 pounds, if you, like me, anorexia, without a diagnosis. I am happy with your BF, as my mother, who is ending. That is why I am here and have a story to tell today.

I invite you to learn some techniques for relieving stress, which in turn will take you back to your model diect healthier lifestyle and help you with your program objectives for weight loss and restore peace of mind, make your self-esteem and appreciation. Check out IBreathe-In.com, he spoke of stress and more user-friendly approach, such as biofeedback and meditation tools to assist and accompany you on your way Weightloss Program.

Today, at the age of 39 years back and I now, with the

What kind of diet plans or diet pills really work to lose weight? June 27, 2009

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I’m looking Comments schemes that can help to lose fat fast.

love to hear comments on weight loss pills? How it works? What does not?
Joehutel Hey,

I think I am fair to say that different pills work for different people. From reading a variety of forums, here, I learned that the pill does not work for everyone. However, I read many reviews Cylaris, since it looks like an amazing pill. I would like to try, but I am currently BF my baby, I’m going to have to wait.

Both my cousin and her husband has lost about 25 kg in one month of the Atkins diet, I lost, and only 10 kg, the first time I’ve done for the second time I lost 1 lb
Last year I tried Hoodia, and the first 2 bottles works like a charm, I was not hungry anymore. But if I am in my third bottle, it no longer works. So I bought some liquid, well, I never went and bought a second bottle.

One thing that helps to drink water, lots of water! Not only will it help you lose weight, but it will help your skin and organs.

I hope that you respond quickly, take care and good luck!



instead of tablets, where nutrition and diet is good for the health and following this no side effects or ………… . Thus, many centers of power nutritional diet by the doctor and the suggestion that the 24 / 7 …….. Try to ……….


I find it great that you ask questions and research.

Take a look at this onerichchick.com

ABC & ;; Fox News This food product, a challenge and it really works (and it is very healthy). A person has lost 8 pounds in 9 days, and another lost 13 pounds in 9 days … and a few centimeters from the burning of fat.

You can use the new videos and many other useful information can be found here: onerichchick.com

Hello friends,

In fact, if ur using diet pills or something else to reduce ur weight means that there is a chance to get a few pages effects.Better for food and nutrition can help, and much to reduce your weight. Now a days if there are many centers of foods by the proposals of the Doctor’s …….. try this ………..

thing is diet, but only so much. You must be a little self-control and motivation, expectation, if it is lost.

Just my 2 cents.

For recording, I was 236 kg at my biggest and 180 and now stable.

Join Me…30 pounds by November W/ Detox Diet. June 27, 2009

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I am currently on a detox Diex and lost 20 pounds in two months. I will continue to do this to lose, and then try another 30 pounds by November. 30 pounds in 3 months … It is possible. At that time I weighed 250 pounds and you want to 220 in November. I must look good for my family during the holidays. Who does not know what a detox diet, please visit my website.

/> <br freedetoxdiet.blogspot.com