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I very much need an answer. Thank you. June 27, 2009

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I will soon. I hope this is good advice, if not, my apologies.

If I had to eat only oatmeal, vegetables and fruit for the rest of my life (no joke), what effect that would have on me? I weigh about 160 to about 5’5. This is something that I have much to do.

I probably eat, usually before noon. I am not ready to destroy me, when. It is rather a spiritual endeaver that a physical change to make it easy. Thank you.
This would probably not be very good for you, but you should make a dr. for medical advice or dieticians.

You should eat a variety of foods. Your body needs a bit of everything, even meat. Of course, that fruit and vegetables are good, but it can cause an imbalance in the metabolism.


I do not think this is good for your health better, PhD. Now a days as many of the food are food, after the doctor informed the Council that for experimental ……… .. ……… it will be useful for u. ………….