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MAY CHALLENGE June 27, 2009

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104.0 kg

I want to 100kg of the end of the month … yes, Im gonna end my work Very Happy Good luck to all!

weight: 66.7 kg
/> <br goal weight: 63.9k

It is well known, the weight loss is not easy, but if u want to lose ur wait, first you need assistance if Please contact your selfs precautions


not here to be judged June 27, 2009

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Currently, I weigh XXX, and I want to lose 1st 5lbs, until recently, I must be disciplined and be capable of a healthy diet, but for now I just can not seem to stop eating, I am constantly snacking and scraping I just can not seem to stop what I hate more to me lament about how their food is not only the heroine, after all. I do not know what has changed.
It’s a Friday morning at 5h00 clock, and I am determined to have 4lbs to Monday. This is the first goal, one step at a time, hey. I will not try or “Oh, but you have” I just want to trash a place where I can support and encouragement when I am wrong.

I hope you can
Hi Tom! Welcome! You have a good place to come and rant and rave on the weight loss Travel, where we can not judge. If there are people who do, they must have begun! We are all struggling with the weight, otherwise we would not be here. I hope you are successful with your weight loss . Remember that you are realistic with your goals. While lost 4 kg in May Monday be possible for you, I do not know, you will not be able to sustain this pace for long. The body loses as much, and it must burn 3500 calories equals 1 pound ie, to lose by Monday 4 pounds you would burn about 7000 calories more than you every day . Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint, and longer, your habits to support the weight of the long term. However, good luck and keep us on your progress!

HALLO ES web of people, there was a problem with it in this forum for about a week, so I apologize for not writing I took a break for a while, a number of things changed my life not for the better, my niece is really confusing to some adjustments before the start. She lost the best ever and the mother in the process lost a lot of things went smoothly (and not to death) I care for her more than 3 weeks and I am so sad for her a girl with a beautiful soul to this complex. I have 1 book, I would like, but very busy taking care of me, but hey, I’m here.

[img] http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/t/wNVJ0DO/weight.png [/ img]

If you want to achieve your goal, you must be otherwise you’ll never be able to suit weight.Next time to pay attention, and I hope you go to your program.

My goal in august June 27, 2009

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/> <br my goal in August 150kilos to lose up to 140 kilos

Do you think its possible?