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Starting new… need support June 27, 2009

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I am very new to this, but I’m like everyone else here and you want to lose weight. I have an idea … Let us make an appointment 28th Oct. .. say. This gives us a month. Instead of setting a goal, a challenge to us, you can lose more by then. The winner will receive a supplement of all (which is more valuable than you think if Arent you satisfied with your weight), and the satisfaction of winning! I am a very competitive person and I think for me .. If you are the same, jump on board and allows the “Duke it out!” x I am
this challenge, and October 28, I think that’sa good plan. Now I’m here and good luck to you. Hey, he comes and customs. The amount I lost a lot of weight, I think, as 11lbs, but I lost Totall 11 inches.

I am currently at 238lbs.

…. And yes, from customs. I always say that if I am not if I’m 500 lbs as long as I like a size 6!

Good luck to you, I wish you the best.

Please do something, or a special diet?



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