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What kind of diet plans or diet pills really work to lose weight? June 27, 2009

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I’m looking Comments schemes that can help to lose fat fast.

love to hear comments on weight loss pills? How it works? What does not?
Joehutel Hey,

I think I am fair to say that different pills work for different people. From reading a variety of forums, here, I learned that the pill does not work for everyone. However, I read many reviews Cylaris, since it looks like an amazing pill. I would like to try, but I am currently BF my baby, I’m going to have to wait.

Both my cousin and her husband has lost about 25 kg in one month of the Atkins diet, I lost, and only 10 kg, the first time I’ve done for the second time I lost 1 lb
Last year I tried Hoodia, and the first 2 bottles works like a charm, I was not hungry anymore. But if I am in my third bottle, it no longer works. So I bought some liquid, well, I never went and bought a second bottle.

One thing that helps to drink water, lots of water! Not only will it help you lose weight, but it will help your skin and organs.

I hope that you respond quickly, take care and good luck!



instead of tablets, where nutrition and diet is good for the health and following this no side effects or ………… . Thus, many centers of power nutritional diet by the doctor and the suggestion that the 24 / 7 …….. Try to ……….


I find it great that you ask questions and research.

Take a look at this onerichchick.com

ABC & ;; Fox News This food product, a challenge and it really works (and it is very healthy). A person has lost 8 pounds in 9 days, and another lost 13 pounds in 9 days … and a few centimeters from the burning of fat.

You can use the new videos and many other useful information can be found here: onerichchick.com

Hello friends,

In fact, if ur using diet pills or something else to reduce ur weight means that there is a chance to get a few pages effects.Better for food and nutrition can help, and much to reduce your weight. Now a days if there are many centers of foods by the proposals of the Doctor’s …….. try this ………..

thing is diet, but only so much. You must be a little self-control and motivation, expectation, if it is lost.

Just my 2 cents.

For recording, I was 236 kg at my biggest and 180 and now stable.


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