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40 Lbs by NOVEMBER … June 27, 2009

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Hi everyone, I’m new here. I made this site for 2 weeks this weekend. :D

I have 2 children, boy, aged 3 years and 2 months. I struggled with my weight since the birth of my first child. I went from 107 kg to 190 2 weeks before I delivered. In a pre-pregnancy size, 2-4,

I was in size 16 blocked for 3 years. Finally, in April, I had enough and began working on crazy, and unfortunately, I just eat more and eat sunflower seeds and water. :oops: terrible, I knowledge, but it worked and I could not stop because I have numbers, and my pants were literally at each stage. I was desesperate! In July I was 135 lbs. In September, because I found my BF 130, what I did and fear, literally force myself to eat. So I started to eat again, taking me.

In October, I learned I was pregnant again. :shock: This time This, I saw what I ate, and I still won a lot. :evil: I was 175 lbs. I left the hospital, 166 lbs. Since then, I have tried to lose weight, I am not supplements, as breastfeeding. But I am very aware of what I eat. Yesterday I saw my bf pizza because it was my birthday and I refused to go.

desesperate I am, but I am happy not only because I am breastfeeding, but because I have the energy to cope with my children and I do not want to kill me in the process. I’m depressed and I’m driving all around me nuts, what I talk about weight loss , and I weigh myself 10 times a day. I’m obssesed and completely freaking out. I am here, stuck at 149 kg, and I do not know what to do, I go for jogs and walks daily, and I force. I have videos, Billy Blanks 8 minutes of video, I did not 4 times.

My Goal / Challenge is to lose 40 kg (39) in November, I think there is enough time for them. But I am doing a complete overhaul of the body, Gotta Go my weight and I am going to enjoy



Well, I’m updating my progress …

I did it like crazy, and I have not increased at the level yet. Plan Sunday … I hope to have this plateu. This is the second that I did. First, I was stuck at 151.6 if you’re on 149.8, I’m still here! Since July 20, ugh!

I walk about 3 miles per day, and try to provide 5 tomorrow, we’ll see if my children together. I am still pushing the stroller and the other on his career. This May have contributed. I will start logging my intake tomorrow and see what I’m doing wrong. I am for the loss of 10 kg 1 September, and I will succeed and maybe even beyond.

Good news, I tried on a pair of jeans before pregnancy, and they are neither too loose, as before, but not too close to be. I did not suck, to close. They are a size 7 / 8 woo hoo! :D I was so happy that I left home when the races … and I can draw my 14s without unbottoning … <img src = "http://www.weight-loss-forums.com/images/smilies/icon_surprised.gif&quot; alt = ": o" title = "Surprised"

Anywho … I try to download an image, I think it is better later. Good night and good luck!



30 weeks pregnat why I still .. .


28th May 2007 166 lbs …


direction, but much work!

Well, to me a little better, by small steps, I joinder a challenge, ending on 1 September from 149 lbs (although when I finally weighed myself, I realized that I was back to 151.2) to 139 lbs. Well … As of this morning, I weighed in at 147.2 yay! I have had my ass, but it pays off. I’m so excited :D

I know I can do this in November does not seem so far away, I just take, and I know I get it. Better still, the LBS does not just sit here.



I want to lose least 40 pounds of Thanksgiving …

I’m home to visit family …. It is a year to see how they are. I really want to be thinner, then …. But I have to stay motivated.

I was touched by your post, with 17 was, I stravation the way to the Battle of the Bulge .. he has worked so well that I went in the wrong type2 diabetes Weightloss a program plan, mineral water, rice cakes and Diet Pepsi, plus 3 hours rigorous daily exercise. Yes, I went up to 110 pounds, if you, like me, anorexia, without a diagnosis. I am happy with your BF, as my mother, who is ending. That is why I am here and have a story to tell today.

I invite you to learn some techniques for relieving stress, which in turn will take you back to your model diect healthier lifestyle and help you with your program objectives for weight loss and restore peace of mind, make your self-esteem and appreciation. Check out IBreathe-In.com, he spoke of stress and more user-friendly approach, such as biofeedback and meditation tools to assist and accompany you on your way Weightloss Program.

Today, at the age of 39 years back and I now, with the


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