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You can’t go wrong with cute puppies March 27, 2009

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>>More Relate picture

>>what is the speacies name for that dog?



>>More Relate picture

>>what is the speacies name for that dog?



1. soniya - April 19, 2009

very cute sunday is very -very yyyyyyyyyyyy cute babies nice to see that thankssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

2. UMMMM - April 23, 2009


3. ysabella - April 27, 2009

The cutest puppies are rottweiler puppies…snuggly and furry.

Sad that they get owned by idiots wanting attack dogs.

4. Puppyluv - April 28, 2009

It should be Illegal to be THAT cute !!!! XD

5. denny mcdermott - April 28, 2009

AHHHHHH:) how cute love the little angel!!!!!!! 😀

6. vhdbzoluhf - May 3, 2009

that is cute

7. sassy - May 10, 2009

he little wrinkley pups are so cute. i wish i could hold it and just squeeze its fat rumbles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

8. emily weeden - May 22, 2009

hai ur puppy is the cutest eva i wonder wt type of breed it is …….. so if u get this an u get my email pleaz add me on msn thanx verry much

ur puppy is sooooooooooo samall !

9. zoey - June 9, 2009

that is cutiest puppy

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