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Dogs that stay small and cute forever? March 25, 2009

Posted by yelinde1987 in CUTE, Dogs that stay small and cute, funny Baby Puppy,, funny Little puppy.

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me and my family are looking for a dog, we prefer a samll dog.puppys are cute but they can grow to be big.
i already know about dachaunds,chiwawas..(i dont know how to spell that)…but thres also one i really want to get the breed of. they stay super samll and i think like celebs must have it. thats not why i want it i just want to find a good breed,\

im not one of those paris hilton wannbes and are going around buying teeny tiny dogs to carry around as if they are an accessorie. <- not me. just thought i should tha people know before they go all crazy oon me. i know responsibilties. right know i want to know ALL the types of breeds that stay small dogs.

Your best bet would be to get any dog that is considered a part of the “toy” group (this includes chihuahuas)

here is a listing of the breeds considered a part of this group by the AKC:

– Affenpinscher
– Brussels Griffon
– Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
– Chihuahua
– Chinese Crested
– Engllish Toy Spaniel
– Havanese
– Italian Greyhound
– Japanese Chin
– Maltese
– Manchester Terrier
– Miniature Pinscher
– Papillon
– Pekingese
– Pomeranian
– Poodle (toy)
– Pug
– Shih Tzu
– Silky Terrier
– Toy Fox Terrier
– Yorkshire Terrier (yorkie)

The only dogs of these that i have had a great deal of experience with are the C. king Charles Spaniel, the Chihuahua, the Italian Greyhound, Maltese, Min. Pinscher, Pomeranian, Poodle, Pug, Shih Tzu, and Yorkie.

Min. Pinschers can be a little ‘testy’ sometimes (most of the ones i have dealt with are pretty nasty. The Italian Greyhound is probably my favorite of all of these, but may be a little pricey. Yorkies are always good dogs, but may require grooming.

I definatly recommend that you look into any of these breeds and research the ones you are interested in before purchasing a dog. Good luck!
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