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How can I get my puppy to not attack other dogs when I pet them? March 16, 2009

Posted by yelinde1987 in puppy, train puppy.

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How can I get my puppy to not attack other dogs when I pet them?

My 10 week old boxer puppy will attack any other puppy or dog that I pet. He is already a big puppy and I can’t control him very easily. He is not entirely unteachable though, I did teach him to sit very easily. I don’t want him to hurt me or any other dogs! Help!My stepmom has a Schnauzer (hope I spelled that right) with the same problem

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your 10 week old puppy has already learned that he’s in control, now your challenge is to take over the control. no dog is unteachable, and if you don’t correct this now he will end up hurting another dog or person. why would you think he will hurt you???

so,Your pup’s problem is that he is territorial… of you. He thinks U belong 2 him & he’s not willing 2 share ur attention with another dog. You have to show that U r the “alpha” dog & tell him firmly, “NO.” when he exhibits this behavior. Be firm and consistent. Eventually he’ll get the message that no one’s going to take U from him & that it is not acceptible to attack other dogs when U show them attention. Be sure & pet him after petting the other dog (when he stops the behavior) so he knows he’s still loved. Hope this helps!


1. Puppy-Pictures - March 16, 2009

he has become the pack leader. you are second. it should be the other way around. now he challenges aal other dogs to over power him.

2. Puppy-Pictures - March 16, 2009

puppy pictures – cute puppies pictures: How can I get my puppy to not attack other dogs when I pet them?

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